Friday, 28 March 2008

little cotton rabbits

used up lots of scraps on these, some old junkitz and chloes closet, the sparkle on the LCR clothes didn't show up in the photos, but the skirts twinkle

Saturday, 22 March 2008

a white easter, the perks of living north of the boarder! hopefully i'll get lots of photos of the boys playing and i can get a few scrapbook pages done, snowy pics are my favorite to scrap

Friday, 21 March 2008

i'm really not producing much pages at the moment, i normally scrap most evenings but my "mojo" isn't what it was, and i'm just puddling about stamping and making cards at the moment, but when i do scrap i'm liking what i make, which dosn't happen a lot with me, i always wonder if i should have done it differently, but not with my last few LOs, so i'm a happy scrappy bunny

a few cards i made from scraps last night, its my mission to use up all the half sheets of paper and small pieces that i keep. i'm a terrible horder and hate throwing things away which might come in useful.

the stamps are little cotton rabbits and sugar nellies from

1st post

what to write?????

i thought a blog might be a nice way to keep track of the bits and pieces i make. Cards get given away and scrapbook pages get hidden away in albums that no-one ever looks at but me, so its my little corner, for my thoughts, any links that i find useful and the odd photo or 2.