Wednesday, 6 August 2008

bad blogger

i havn't posted in ages, i've been so busy selling our house and the de-cluttering and packing which comes with a move, i even surprised myself with the amount of junk i've collected over the years. A pretty shaped glass jar or special xmas card seams harmless enough when you tuck them away in a cupboard but over the months and years they multiply and very soon become boxes of clutter.
Truth be told i'm only posting today because i've packed everything away apart from the PC, so the quiet half hour i've got at the moment when the kids are glued to scooby i would normally be baking or making a sneaky card or Layout.
These 3 layouts were made from scrapagogo kits, i think the pink one turned out well for a boy although my son wasn't impressed with it. i explained to him that i scrap my photos for me, its very rare anyone sees the pages in real life, i share them on here and my gallery on uks as its like minded people who look at them, and its nice to think that someone, somewhere might get an idea for their own pages from them.