Wednesday, 3 August 2011


i love looking at everyones desks, i think its a fab way of seeing what everyone is thinking about (and i've noticed a few christmas projects lurking about)

this is my first woyw wednesday so here goes

i've got a workshop and a class this week so my job today is to prep for them-but i got sidetracked with embossing powders(as you do) i have a few wooden things and canvas's painted and waiting to be stamped- good thing about this weather is paint drys quickly as its warm but its too wet to do outdoor jobs so i get to stay inside and play!!
and its not really a desk- its half my dining table- the other half isn't nearly as neat!!!

heres a couple of my practice runs of the Jacobs Coat technique, i experimented with a ink dauber, brayer and inking straight from the pad to see what effects i got


Kim Dellow

Oh I love those flutterbies! Lovely! Kim


Well welcome to the blogging ranks at WOYWW! That is a cool technique! Thank you for sharing your desk! Here's to hoping for better weather next Wednesday! -Amanda


Hi Kara, Welcome to WOYWW, A nice busy desk - I love the big work sheets that stamping up make to work on - they look really useful.
You do really well to confine yourself to half a dining table - I seem to spread around the whole house!


Hi Kara and Welcome to WOYWW! Great to see another desk. Lots of stamps and lovely stash on your's including some stylish cards. I adore the little chest of drawers and the other arch shaped, screen type thing which look like they are waiting to be altered.
Hope to see you next week... but don't mention C******as!!! YET! It freaks me out!
Lv joZarty x


It's my first time too. thanks for the peek. Love the little samples, they look great. Have a great day.

The Crafty Elf

Hey, welcome aboard the global craft train. I love your creations they are sooooo creative!! Thanks for sharing your desk with us. Sorry I'm a little late this week life is busy! :D