Thursday, 10 November 2011

step card- tutorial

 Some of the ladies at Ellon craft group were asking the measurments for this card

so.... here goes, it looks complicated when you see the numbers but once you've made one its not so bad

there are 2 ways to do this score then cut or cut then score - i prefer to cut using my square quilting ruler and craft knife but if you score first then its easy enough just to use a steel ruler and knife-or your trimmer
 cut a piece of A4 in half lengthways (so you have a long piece 10.5cm wide, then trim it down to 28cm long. 

*cut 2.5cm in from each side from 11.5cm to 25.5cm (or wait til you have scored the lines then cut)

score at 11.5cm - but only the first and last 2.5cm (so you have a gap in the middle with no score line)
score at 14cm - but just the middle section (not the 2.5cm at either side)
score at 23cm - only the first and last 2.5cm (not the middle bit)
score at 25.5cm- again just the 2.5cm at each side

make mountian folds at 11.5 and 14cm score lines, valley folds at 23cm and mountian folds at 25.5cm - so you have a step at the bottom and a staggered fold at the top
 the front mats are 5.2cm x 11.2cm and 4.8cm x 10.8cm and the side panels 2.2x10.8cm (but on the christmas sample i used the new lace boarder punch so didn't cut side panels
once someone tries this let me know if it works for you- i took a couple of attempts to get this to work without fold lines at 1/8th of inches ect